Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

Hm... legal requirements for ID are definitely getting to the point where I can see a lot of people favouring ID cards just because they'll make life simpler. I've been asked to provide a photocopy of my passport twice so far this year for ID; once for a mortgage application (which seemed reasonable; before lending somebody a large amount of money, you probably want to know who they are), and once by the recruiting agent who I got the new job through.

The latter I questioned as to why he wanted a copy, he didn't know, checked with his management, and indeed under The Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003:
19. Neither an agency nor an employment business may introduce or supply a work-seeker to a hirer unless it has obtained confirmation -

(a) of the identity of the work-seeker;
...and this agency has interpreted that as meaning a photocopy of the passport is sufficient. Obviously, I could refuse that, but would still need to be able to prove my identity to them somehow.

I'm beginning to wonder what the point of opposing ID cards is if to live a "normal" life, we need to prove our identity every few months; for new jobs, travel, mobile phone contracts, buying a house and so on. It sometimes seems that the idea of privacy has been so lost anyway that ID cards are only a small step further. Go far enough down that route and you end up advocating Brin's Transparent Society as the only realistic solution to the conflicting requirements.

*sigh* - I'm not exactly fighting for my privacy at the moment, nor even really cheering those that do from the sidelines, more nodding approvingly as I read reports of the fights days later.

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