Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

I was in the Portland tonight for random post-work drinks, say a random band start setting up, and doing their warm-up and sound check. Turned out that they were a G'n'R cover band, so I decided to stick around and watch.

They were OK. Very silly accent from the Axl Rose impersonator, sort of LA meets Essex, silly wig and hat from the Slash impersonator. They butchered some of the tracks (ghods, what did they do to Live and Let Die!?!), but overall was a reasonable set.

The support however were great. A band called The Renegade Playboys who put out straightforward, cheesy, 80s style hair-metal/cock-rock with songs focusing on the eternal themes of girls and drink. Great fun, much more talented than the headliners and deserved a more involved audience. Thoroughly recommended if you get a chance to catch them play anywhere. I was even persuaded to buy their EP.

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