Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

Aaaahh... good gig. Queen Adreena were not quite as scarily intense as when I saw them a few years ago, but more together for it. Katie Jane Garside is captivating, Crispin Gray just odd. They played though the set barely pausing between songs, often one tailing off into the start of the next. For the last third of the gig, I just lost myself in the music, getting involved in starting a short-lived mosh pit during "pretty like drugs", and probably will be seen looking like a total idiot on the DVD they were filming.

Second support were "Three Children of Fortune", who weren't too bad. Somebody help me out - what's the post-punk subgenre with crashy rhythm guitar, driving bass and drums and not much melody beyond the vocals? (all of them... ed.)

I can't remember the name of the main support, they were catchy pop-rock with good bass-lines but a fairly uninspiring front-man.

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