Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

Saw Mylo at the Junction, with acronym. Fun, upbeat, energetic gig, a marked change from my usual style, but welcome. acronym's apt comment was that it's obvious where Daft Punk's mojo has gone, if you liked Homework, you'll probably like Mylo. It's electronica influenced by 70s funk/disco crossed giving an infectious dance beat, but intelligent and textured with it. Drop the Pressure had the whole crowd jumping around, hands in the air.

Support were Cut Copy, an Australian band, who were pretty good overall. They didn't seem to settle into any style, one song might be indie, followed by Placebo-esque rock or 80s style synthpop. Definitely the core of a good band in there somewhere, but didn't quite have it together.
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