Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

Interesting article about future versions of Bluetooth using ultra wideband comms. Essentially what this gives is a very high bandwidth, low power wireless device that won't give RF interference to other devices, and have multiple instances can co-existing without having to pick a channel for each.

From the perspective of somebody who did a bit of basic RF and struggled with the maths of information theory, the theory is fascinating; modulated low-energy picosecond duration pulses across a multi-gigahertz spectrum, with no carrier.

I'm sure the fact it's being branded as "Bluetooth" will immediately put a bunch of people off though (possibly with reason if the protocol stack is as problematic as earlier versions of Bluetooth). I quite like the idea of a wireless desk area network and it would be even niftier if bandwidth could be pushed high enough to support a wireless DVI, which it looks like some people are looking at. Must have chat with the CSR people about it next time I see them down the pub.

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