Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

A pleasant weekend, complete collapse and much sleep on Friday evening. Then Saturday first involved j4 and addedentry's birthday celebrations (fit the second) at the Fort St. George, where the world proved most small and entertaining conversation was had. Then on to vyvyan and razornet's housewarming, where food was barbequeued, wine was drunk, further interesting conversations occurred and entertaining flash animations watched.

Then today involved a gentle trip to Grantchester with beckyc, ptc24 and naath; tea and scones in The Orchard, a walk through a heavy hailstorm to the pub, and a film in the evening. "Kingdom of Heaven" is an entertaining mediæval epic, with quite a strong historical basis (though by no means historically accurate), impressive CGI siege warfare, and a ponderously unsubtle metaphor for contemporary conflicts in the middle-east that's made painfully explicit by the closing text. Those who've seen in might find the wikipedia pages on the real Sibylla, King Baldwin, Guy of Lusignan and Raynald interesting. (Aslo of course, Saladin)

...Interesting, I didn't know that King Juan Carlos of Spain still claims the title of King of Jerusalem.

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