Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

A brief trip up to Elgin for Christmas. It is possible to get from Cambridge Station to Gatwick in two hours, which is fortunate, because I didn't allow myself much more than that. Coming back took considerably longer, partly due to just missing a train at Kings Cross. I'm glad I'm not a nervous flyer, on the way there, the pilot came onto the intercom and said something to the effect of “There's very low cloud, and Dyce isn't equipped for automatic landing, so we'll have to come in low and try to find the landing lights. If we can't see them, we'll need to put on full engine power and go round again. So, if that happens, don't panic.” It didn't happen, we got to the runway in one go, rather firmly in the strong winds. Then on the way back, the plane crash on the road to Dyce airport meant that we had to take a diversion.

Generally a quiet, relaxing time, not doing much. See past the Cut for a couple of photos from my Boxing Day walk along a bit of nearby coastline.

If you click on thumbnails you'll get a 1600x1200 image.

A seascape

Cove bay

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