Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

Queen Adreena were as good as ever, though their stage show is possibly getting somewhat routine, I got the impression that the trademarks like Katie Jane attempting to kill the guitarist are now included more for form's sake than the raw barely-together insanity of earlier years. I don't think she even finished her bottle of wine this time, or threw it over anybody much.

That's not to say that that Katie Jane isn't still a scarily intense performer, there's still the brittle frenzied sexuality and feeding of the adulation of the audience. They finished the set with most of the band doing the customary "just walk off", but KJ stayed to perform a breathy a cappella number, and there was some unreal emotion in her face just for a second as she finished and faced a roomful of cheering fans alone.

Second support were Ariel-X, who also played at the ICA, we only caught the end of their set, they seemed more together than previously, putting out competent shouty, crashy indie-rock.

Main support came from Days of Worth, opening couple of numbers sounded like they were trying to play to a stadium or festival, with an almost comical and somewhat camp epic delivery. However, just when I was begining to give up on them they showed there was a real band somewhere there with a fairly good metal number, tight riffs and a driving bassline. <googles> Ah, they're from Surrey, I'd guessed Oxford, other people suggested Reading... whatever, they'd have trouble looking much more like a bunch of nice middle-class boys from the home counties trying the pop-metal formula.
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