Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

Never again will I look at a room full of rack-mount kit without appreciating the effort it took to get it all there. I've spent all day half filling a 36U rack. After much cursing recalcitrant bits of metal, kneeling on screws, cutting myself on rough edges and lifting heavy servers; there's a nice neat rack with a cumulative total of 28 GHz worth of Pentium 4 Xeon, 32 GB RAM, 32 SCSI disks, all on Gigabit ethernet.

At the end of it, nearly everything just worked, one server needed a little coaxing, one needed a bit stronger persuasion. Strangely satisfying, if annoying, tiring and occasionally painful work. One of the last things I did was wipe the bloodstains off the rack. It certainly beats a day spent writing reports.
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