Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

*blink* *blink* - so er... that's what world looks like outside of a cinema.

Over the film festival I saw 21 feature length films and 4 shorter documentaries, not as many as some but I did fit in a NIN gig and a weekend of helping fanf and rmc28 celebrate their wedding too. Very glad that aardvark179 had independently decided to take the week off for the festival, we saw many of the same films and supped on several pints discussing them.

It's been a good break from thinking about work, though I did get into a bit of a obsessive state, such that at davefish's birthday pub outing on Thursday I seemed incapable of talking about much other than film.

I'll try writing more reviews soon, especially of the films that are coming back. Highlights were; well, as I may have mentioned before Sally Potter's "Yes", "Primer", a ultra-low budget US indie film by first-timer Shane Carruth that deserves to do as well as "π", and "Rock School" was probably the most enjoyable documentary.
Tags: film

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