Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

OK, OK... I'll see if I can keep this up for a while longer.

Woke late, to the office where I find the forms to sign regarding usage of internet and adjustments to terms and conditions, emanating from our new director. I signed both after the customary jocularity regarding clauses blatantly contradictory to common-sense. Rest of day occupied by routine business, I presented my designs for a desirable architecture of data storage to Mr. Jenkinson and Mr. King, who after some discussion accepted them as good. So to swim at Jesus Green with Miss McKnight, Mr. Massey and Mr. Arrowsmith. I have not been swimming in many years, and never at that facility. I found myself reduced in ability from my youth, swimming barely 550m in the ½ hour available, with unreasonable effort. However, I was greatly reminded of joy I used to take of swimming, and I must persue the activity more frequently. We adjourned to the Fort St. Geo. where we were met by sundry friends, and I joined a group of erstwhile colleagues from my previous employment. With said group to Chili's for supper and unpleasant weak American ale, but we were merry, and so to bed.

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