Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

Saw Nightwish last night, excellent gig. Support was from Paradise Lost, a band I like a lot (and have gone to see as headliners in the past). Shame I missed the first part of their set, but the early start did mean I was just able to get a sensible train back to Cambridge, rather than the 00:06.

I caught about 4 songs from Paradise Lost, didn't recognise the first one, and generally thought "wow, these guys are really good for a support band, must find out who they are", then they played "One Second" and it clicked. It's a shame that their popularity seems to be waning, given the Goth Metal genre that they basically invented is doing so well.

Nightwish themselves were still touring the "Once" album that they were when I last saw them, but this time had far more of a stage show, with decent lighting, pyrotechnics, and vast bucketloads of strips of tissue paper blown high into the theatre and over the audience. I can't remember the whole setlist, but at least half of it was from "Once", opening with "Dark Chest of Wonders", and again closing the encore with the incredibly infectious "Wish I had an Angel". The usual favourites off the "Wishmaster" album too, "The Kinslayer", "Wishmaster" and "Bare Grace Misery" (I think). Only complaint is that "Planet Hell" would have had more impact played later in the set.

The latest trick for Tarja seems to be microphones and stands in colours co-ordinated with her outfits.

Despite a total lack of organisation, I managed to find davefish very easily at the venue.

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