Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

I came back to find my hedge considerably shorter, but still an untidy mess, one other small tree gone, and not much of the rest of the work done. This evening, some chap, not the guy I was dealing with, knocked on my door to explain that their "machine" (wood chipper maybe?) had broken down, which is why it was all a bit half done. He then started asking about bits of extra work "for just a few quid more", one was my neighbours garden (which needs doing too TBH), some others I was under the impression were already in the original price, some others I'll do myself or think about for later.

I sent him away with thanks for letting me know the situation, and saying that I'd consider employing them for any further work that I needed if they did a good job on the contract we already had ("when I've seen what it looks like afterward, because it'll all look very different when you're finished, won't it?"). I don't blame him for asking about some of the further bits that turned out to be in the neighbours garden, and it's how they finish the job and how much that gets done for the original price that'll decide whether I'm happy with them or not.

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