Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

Flicking through the Good Gifts catalogue over dinner last night, I was amused by the first few items on the list.

Saw Queen Adreena again last night (for the third time this year). I thoroughly enjoyed the gig, Queen Adreena are now getting to be one of those bands that I'm almost too familiar with to objectively judge a gig, and so much of the enjoyment is a combination of the atmosphere and my own mood. However, I'm not complaining since that combination really worked last night and I had a great time.

There was a good mix of old favourites, and stuff from the current album, opening with Kitty Collar Tight, including favourites like Pretty Like Drugs and Pretty Polly. There was an a cappella cover of Jolene, sung while leaning into the grasping hands of the crowd. I was glad that they didn't do the usual Crispin-gets-beaten-up bit this time, that had increasingly seemed to be just stage-show. I probably shouldn't talk too much about the um... repeated problems that Katie Jane had with her dress.

Ariel-X were support again, the first time I saw them, in March, I was distinctly unimpressed, by May I commented on them seeming much more competent. This time they were really very good, tight delivery, engaging and energetic with some interesting music. The other support band, Infrasound, was another group trying to do stadium rock to a half-empty venue. This was quite funny. They weren't actually bad, it was a very competent set, and the lead singer had spent a long time in front of a mirror getting a very convincing sneer. However, they failed to really engage the crowd, and sat uncomfortably between the styles of Ariel-X and Queen Adreena.

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