Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

Just had an unpleasant, but fortunately not physical, encounter with a neon-lit car full of football-shirt wearing youths. The inhabitants of said car yelled at me as they passed me cycling up Hills Road, as is the wont of certain types. Coincidently when they were stopped at the lights at the Lensfield Road junction, I slightly misjudged my braking distance in the wet and my front tyre nudged their rear bumper, audibly but leaving no permanent mark. The youths seemed to take some exception to this, and for several cycles of the lights we debated the finer points of roadcraft. Once they'd had their fill of posturing they decided it was sufficient to leave me with some dire threats of future personal harm (to which the response "oh, I'm scared" seemed appropriate, debate having reached such worthy heights as only commonly seen in playgrounds). Their parting gesture of "accidentally" finding themselves in reverse gear was entirely predictable, thus impotent, but possibly justified given my earlier brake failing.
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