Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

It's my last day of being twenty-something. In my twenties, I have:

  • Spent about 1.5 years in full-time education, about 8.5 years employed and about 5 days unemployed.
  • Just scraped getting a degree.
  • Had 3 separate full-time jobs, for 5 different companies, excluding the one I lost before I even started.
  • Worked on systems for data storage, telephony billing and online retail.
  • Spent about a total of over 8 years in Cambridge, about 6 months in Elgin, 3 months in Böblingen, 2 months in Montpellier, 2 months in the SF Bay Area, and a month or so in each of Manchester and Boston MA and a week or more in each of London, Bangkok, Jakarta, Paris, Orlando, New Orleans, New Jersey (somewhere), and one or more nights in Vicenza, Vienna, Maastricht, Tromsø, Beirut, Singapore, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Seattle.
  • Travelled to 69°41N, 6°08S, 106°45E, 122°27W
  • Lived in 7 different places; with parents, two college rooms, three shared houses and my current flat.
  • Bought property (OK, technically a long-term lease).
  • Spent about 13 of the time in relationships, 23 single.
  • Seen my GP once.
  • Read books, seen films, gone to gigs, played computer games. Produced no lasting creative work, but have cooked some fairly nice meals.
  • Made many good friends.

Overall, I'm leaving my 20s very happy with my lot. I'm not the sort of person to claim no regrets, but I'm not convinced that changing even the things I regret would lead to a better life than I currently have.
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