Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

To celebrate being 30, I had a wonderful meal at the Pink Geranium last night with sonicdrift.

I've forgotten what the amuse bouche was, but it was something suitably intense. Having chosen the wine, a Best's Victoria Shiraz¹, I decided to have a gamey evening; rabbit terrine to start, venison for main course, and an incredible chocolate fondant dessert. The whole meal was superb, an excellent demonstration of carefully balanced flavours and textures; for example initially I'd thought the lightly-pickled shredded leeks that the with venison were rather too sharp, until I discovered they sat on a bed of sweet pumpkin puree, taken together the vegetables were just right.

Oh, did I mention the chocolate fondant dessert? About how incredible it was? Mmmmm...

¹ I somehow doubt the 124.5% ABV claimed on that webpage.
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