Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

Ever had the feeling that there are tribes in remote valleys in Papua New Guinea who'd feel more at home in B&Q than you do, or is it just me who is incompetent and intimidated by the simplest DIY? Between incompetence on the part of suppliers and incompetence on the part of myself it's taken well over two months, but my projector is now on a nice custom glass shelf on the rear wall, rather than a pile of cardboard boxes and phone directories balanced on my coffee table. Next time I screw anything into a wall I'll remember to check the depth of the holes I have drilled before putting in the rawl plugs.

I can't really recommend Glass World on Greenend Road as a supplier, they were convenient for work, but managed to totally lose my initial order, then took 6 weeks (and frequent enquiries as to the status) to realise they'd lost it. Getting home with a 1000mm x 300mm sheet of toughened glass on the back of a bike was an interesting experience in cautious cycling, but entirely without incident. I hear "Go Glass" are meant to be better.
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