Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

Cost and value in IT infrastructure confuse me greatly. I suppose you could relate some functionality to the amount of time it'll save over the lifetime of the system, and the amount of salary that'd be equivalent to. Then compare it to how much an in-house solution would cost in implementation and support time. Then give up and buy the vendor's solution anyway because they've given some nice freebies.

Hm... somebody should set up a foundation to turn PostgreSQL into a serious Oracle competitor. Businesses who would be spending $40,000 per CPU on Oracle could just list the features they actually want, and contribute to the foundation, who'd then use the cash to employ full-time programmers to work on the most-desired features. The features would be prioritised by the amount that had been spent. Obviously it's all Free Software so people could jump the queue by just directly employing a programmer for their feature.

Must have another look at PostgreSQL and see what features I'd want fixing first…

Argh! My eyes! My eyes! - They talk about "table partitioning" being a feature of PostgreSQL 8.1, actually what they mean is that they've added check constraint exclusion to their query optimizer and written this bit of documentation. It's a management nightmare, and doesn't even mention the extra headaches you'd need if you wanted a primary key on the partitioned table. From what I understand of their funky table inheritance stuff, I think you could just about do it if and only if the PK was part of the partitioning index, then you could use the check constraints to ensure no duplication between partitions and unique constraints within a partition, which should stop the table inheritance allowing duplicates. If you want to partition stuff other than by primary key, you're out of luck (which is a shame, since big tables often have an abstract ID as the PK, then you want to partition by something physical like date or location).

I did like the look of their Rules system though, it looks very powerful, and very dangerous too. It's always handy to have that sort of functionality around just for the times you need to do some serious hackery, and it looks like you could use it to build some nice extentions to the database features.

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