Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

Poll #912378 Fundamental interactions

What can affect the material world?

All interactions observable at a macroscopic level are likely to be the result of fundamental interactions explainable by conventional physics (e.g. strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force, EM, gravity).
There are other real, not metaphorical, forces that are the fundamental mechanism of interactions observable at a macroscopic level (e.g. a holy spirit, life force, psychic forces or magical forces).

If you believe in any of the examples of "other forces" or similar and believe the cause and mechanism fit within conventional physics, go for the the first option. If you believe in them and think that they're beyond the scope of physics or that it would take exotic new physics to explain them, go for the second.

I know the Standard Model is considered incomplete, but the details of quite how many free parameters there are and quite what happens at extreme energies aren't really what I'm getting at in this poll. If you don't believe in the "other forces" but think it would take exotic new physics to explain everyday phenomena go for the first option and be pedantic in comments. I wait to be shot down in flames by a physicist.
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