Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

I've just spent the past hour fixing my bike wheel, replacing a broken spoke and completely retensioning it since it really wasn't in a good state before.

That was a waste of time. Going back to put it on the bike I noticed the frame has broken, the chain stay has broken just where it meets the fork end. It's impossible to know if this was caused by the accident I had a few weeks ago¹. The bike shop didn't notice the break when I got the bike serviced after the accident. However, one can't fail to suspect that the frame may have been weakened. I suspect the break only actually happened last Thursday when there were some very nasty noises from around there, and I was left nursing a nearly unridable bike home. Really I should have got off and walked, the wheel was jamming with anything other than minimal torque, it felt like it was about to collapse under me. At the time though I thought it was just due to loose spokes (with one broken), and just wanted to get home.

Oh well, I'd been trying to convince myself that I wanted a shiny new bike anyway.

¹ I didn't mention the accident here; I was knocked off my bike by a car on Four Lamps roundabout. I was unhurt, the car ended up with one wheel on top of my front wheel. The front wheel was mangled, the rear wheel didn't turn but didn't seem too bad (and the bike shop just straightened it). The driver stopped, gave full details and was very apologetic and as shocked by the whole thing as I was. I had been coming from Victoria Avenue to Short Street, they were coming onto the roundabout from Maid's Causeway. I suspect they looked right, but failed to look straight in front of them. Fortunately they were driving fairly slowly. They've paid the bill the bike shop gave me. I don't intend to take it any further.

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