Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

One to Another (Chacun Sa Nuit)

One to Another (Chacun Sa Nuit)
Directed by: Jean-Marc Barr and Pascal Arnold

We hear a lot about the disaffection of French youth, from rioting in the Parisian banlieues to the problems with the crumbling university system. This film is another take on that. Loosely based on a real story, it centres around five people in their late teens/early 20s, four men and a woman. They live in small-town/rural south-eastern France, form a very close clique, playing in a rock band and having sex with each other between generally getting on with what appears to be an quiet but pleasant life. Then one of them, Pierre is murdered, the police are fairly useless (with heavy-handed dialogue about meeting national statistics) so his sister, Lucie attempts to find out whodunnit.

The director in the Q&A (Arnold) said he didn't want the film to offer answers, but to ask questions. I think it does that very effectively, the beautiful youth living in a society that should offer them everything are still unsatisfied, but can't answer the question of what they want. The murder is the ultimate expression of that frustration.

A lot of comments on IMDB seem to focus overly on the nudity and sex in the film, that seems to mostly be a North American obsession. The sex is there to demonstrate the freedom of mind and action enjoyed by the French youth, and it's for the most part tastefully presented and not particularly graphic. Chacun Sa Nuit would serve as a good example in the debate on the acceptability of violence and sex in film. Here there's one violent act off camera that is presented as terribly traumatic and central to the plot; yet the various straight, gay and multi-partner sex seem to makes the film vastly more shocking to audiences than one with many graphic scenes of violence.
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