Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

Melon Route (Put Lubenica)

Melon Route (Put Lubenica)
Directed by Branko Schmidt

A loner living by a river on the border between Croatia and Bosnia makes some money by ferrying Chinese immigrants for people traffickers. Then his overloaded skiff overturns, most of the immigrants are lost but he survives and pulls out a young woman. She speaks no Croatian and is angry about the deaths of the rest of her party, he doesn't want company in his run-down house. They gradually come together and try to work out an escape to Germany until she is kidnapped by the local organised crime “Mafia”, where he reverts to his past as a solider, fishes his gun out of storage and kills the bad guys and rescues the girl.

Sorry if that's too many spoilers, but it was in many ways a very conventional plot, fairly reminiscent of many Vietnam Vet stories. As a film though it had more depth. It was trying to cover a lot of ground at once; the long-term effects of war on people and the country, illegal immigration and organised crime, and the prejudice against Gypsies (in the form of the loner's only real friend). Overall it managed it quite well by focusing on individuals, though I feel that the broader picture of immigration was lost more than story of post conflict suffering. The lead actor was very good as the traumatised veteran, it's a type that's been often shown in film, but this was particularly well portrayed.
Tags: cambridgefilmfestival2007

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