Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

This looks interesting, one of the main problems with the idea of a shift to renewables is the lack of renewable energy storage, particularly ones with high enough energy density to be useful for transport. Even if they're not energy-dense enough, more methods of transporting energy from hot sunny places with low population density to where its most needed would be useful. (Also, this would give a lot of very impoverished countries around the Sahara a useful export good).

One valid criticism of the current trend toward battery powered electric vehicles is the potentially limited amount of Lithium in the world (though this is disputed), and most good battery technology currently needs Lithium.

Research that suggests other sources for storing power all seems very valuable. I'm still fairly hopeful for algal biodiesel, which seems to have suddenly got very trendy, however any and all means of turning sunlight into transportable energy seem worth exploring.

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