Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

I was getting all Carl Sagan while cycling home last night and looking at the stars.

We are each one of 6 billion people currently living on a planet circling one of the 200 billion stars that exist in one of 80 billion galaxies. We'll each live for a tiny fraction of the 13.7 billion years that the universe has existed for.

Amoung the things I was thinking about is how anybody in that context could have the audacity to believe that they were special, or that there was some sort of god that cared about them, or that even if there was a godhead of some sort that their religion had a good conception of it. A good part of my atheism is that, as my mind reels with the vastness of the universe, it simply seems impossible to believe that a god along the lines of that of the Abrahamic religions exists. I suppose one result of that should be some sort of admiration for intelligent theists who can somehow look into the sky, internalise the orders of magnitude involved and still believe their god, who made the universe, loves them. I can't, my mind rejects that hypothesis as entirely implausible given the evidence.

I know this doesn't address the arguments along the lines of "well, there's some sort of godhead, all religions get some aspect of it, how you worship it is personal". That might be for another post some time.
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