Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

Somalia, a libertarian paradise:
"It's good times now," he told me when we met a few weeks ago. "We are only getting four to six gunshot casualties a day. That's very good.
"Businessmen learned to do their work without a government. In the port the shipment is downloaded just as if there was a government – only you are the government, so if you have a ship you have to bring your men and your guards and do your work. Amongst the businessmen everything is run through trust – for example, when we need to buy fuel 20 merchants put money together, send it to Dubai, and our Somali friends send us a fuel tanker. Every merchant has his own militia and men who protect his interests. We do business with the government and the Shabaab. Our friends in Dubai are envious of us because we live without a state and we can do trade everywhere without control."

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