Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

Moving house!

We're moving house soon… details to follow in a less public post, or email me.

However, we're getting rid of some bits and pieces of furniture that we hope not to have to take with us. Some of it isn't needed in the new house, some of it is still kicking around as duplicates since we moved in together 5 years ago.

Two assembled flat-pack pine wardrobes both in decent condition; one three-door fairly budget Argos, one reasonably-good-quality Ikea two door.
Ironing board.
Russell Hobbes cyclonic 2200W Vacuum cleaner.
Twoone used but serviceable electric lawn mowers. (One B&Q with a grass collection bucket, one low-end Flymo hover mower with plastic blades… it's small and light at least.)
Computer desk - assembled flatpack, multiple shelves, on wheels.
Black office chair.
White melamine bedroom flat-pack (several wardrobes, chest of drawers) - wardrobes disassembled, "fitted" sized wardrobes with a single chest of drawers.

All free, or next best offer.

If you want more details, ask.

If anybody can suggest a charity that'll take flatpack, that'd be great too.
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