Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

A hedonistic, and very enjoyable weekend; lots of good food, and beer. It started with a lazy Saturday morning, then lark_ascending and I took a trip up to see Steve's pub in Peterborough, sampled a selection of his beers, and went out for some Thai food at East, which on a converted Dutch grain barge on the Nene, along with an Oakham pub. I shared some crispy noodles with a caramelised sweet chilli coating followed by a Malaysian lamb curry, with good quality meat and a very tasty sauce.

We then went back to Cambridge for a rest then out for fairly late dinner, to celebrate our first anniversary at the Sheen Mill in Melbourn. There I had a very interesting wood pigeon Wellington followed by saddle of venison, then a caramelised orange tart. The presentation, imagination and execution of the food was superb.

As if that wasn't enough good food for one weekend, lark_ascending's parents were over on Sunday, so we wandered over to Heydon for Sunday lunch at the King William IV. That was a lamb leg-steak with a honey and thyme jus, and plenty of Parker's Porter to wash it down.

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