Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

Ghods, PyQt is complicated.

Why can't I just say "Here's a text box, when a user presses return, do this". i.e. just connect an event to a method. Instead I need to go around registering PYSIGNALs and overriding default methods and faff. It appears that wxPython does something much more like I want. However, PyQt is on these Redhat boxes by default, wxPython isn't. Since writing a GUI tool for this work-thing isn't something I'm meant to be spending time on, and am really only just doing in order to play with GUI programming for the first time, I can't really justify the effort of installing and maintaining wxPython.

I think I'll continue to stick to a CLI, or config file parsing, unless really pushed.

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