Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

Computer hardware lust

I've got the beginnings of new-hardware lust. I think it's just because my current system is now getting on for a couple of years old, and there's so much shiner stuff available.

What I want now:
Barton based Athlon XP
Asus A7N8x Deluxe motherboard (with Serial-ATA)
1 GB PC3200 RAM (2x 512 MB for dual-channel)
Western Digital Raptor Serial-ATA drive (not widely available yet)
ATI 9700 Pro video card. (9800 Pro doesn't seem to really exist yet)
Iiyama 19" TFT 1600x1200 display (I agree, it makes no sense to have a top-end gaming graphics card and a TFT display)

What I'll want in 6-8 months:
Much the same but with an Athlon 64

What I also want now:
A Mac to run OSX on, since it seems to be the shiniest Unix workstation around.
A laptop with 802.11, to spod from living room without having to have computers installed there.
so... I want a Powerbook.

What I need now:
Double glazing.
To pay the many bills sitting on my coffee table.
A holiday.

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