Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

Spent the day off work with a cold. Usually, I'd just go in, sit around mostly useless and infect the rest of the office; but I thought I'd try a radical approch of being sick at home.

Spend most of the day playing Master Of Orion 3, which is showing some promise of being an interesting game. It's certainly an excellent way of killing time. Spent a while this evening putting together a Thule bike-rack for 's car. It was a fairly fiendish bit of Scandinavian flat-pack, but now looks very solid and should be useful for solving complicated bits of transport logistics. Also vague intentions of taking the bikes away on holiday, or for weekend leisure rides that don't need to start and finish at home.

Oh, and I'm now actually looking forward to the next time an npower door-to-door salesman turns up. One appeared recently, offering no standing charge and very cheap electricity; and how could I lose?. I just refused to sign up to anything on the doorstep; a quick google found me It seems the npower scam is that the very cheap electricity only kicks in after the first 1400kWh, for which they charge through the nose; the gas is worse since it's actually more expensive than my current supplier even after the initial over-charged bit. The salesman somehow forgot to mention the tariff for the initial section. Feeding numbers into EnergySpy agrees that npower tariffs would cost more for my relatively low usage. Now I know what the scam is, I can enjoy winding them up rather than just refusing to sign up to pressure sales tactics.

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