Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

This room is too hot. The aircon is feeble, turning it up seems only to increase the noise without a noticeable effect on the cooling.

So, I had a shower, starting at lukewarm and reducing until I hit the stop at the cold end. A few minutes of memories of standing on an icy rugby pitch day dreaming of Mediterranean sunshine, then I decided I'd had enough.

Then a short time of pleasant balanced temperature as my body slowly decides that it's better off sending more blood to my surface capillaries.

Now I'm starting to feel too hot again. Gah. I don't mind heat during the day, but at night rooms should be so cold that wrapping yourself in a thick feather duvet is the only way to survive.

At least they can cook steak here, if you want them to cook it before serving. More friendly than Paris too, if that's not excessive damning with faint praise. Actually, given the good, cheap wine, good steak and warm climate, all I'm really missing is aircon and lark_ascending.

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