Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

gig review

skelliga rocked. A little raw, but very good. If they manage to get everything a little more polished they'll be great. Still enormous fun to jump around to though. Ouch, my neck is stiff...

Rude Mechanicals are excellent too. They just manage to balance novelty and avant garde surrealism; competent enough musically to get away with some of the odder tricks. I liked the bluesy tones, and they could drop into decent rock. Not quite sure the audience really responded to the performance-art side though.

Rome Burns weren't quite as good as I was expecting. I hadn't got around to seeing them until now, despite having listened to their album Done & Dusted fairly often. For people who've been around for a while and have an album out and stuff, I was surprised that they really deserved their position as opening act.

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