Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

Divine intervention


Just been to see Divine Intervention.

The rhythm of the film is incredible. It starts of with a deep, slow, monotonous pace, introducing little themes, and returning to them, barely changed, again and again.

The steady beat continued through the whole film, somehow getting deeper, working its way under your skin. New themes were introduced, subtly nastier and more oppressive than before. The audience is trapped with the occupied people in a surreal tedious oppression; a suppression of reality. Gradually the pace quickened, as insidious as ever, melding with the discordantly shrill overtones. One is initially intrigued, then bored, then uncomfortably constrained by the insanity of the situation.

Finally, there is an explosion. In a glorious (though low-budget) John Woo/Ang Lee style action sequence; the fantasy is revealed. The messiah is here, and she is an arab, beautiful and unstoppable. She is the land, she is the one they are crazy because they love.

The film asks us to believe every stone thrown is a move against the occupation of Palestine. However, beyond the fantasy, the Palestinians shown are nearly passive toward the oppression and humiliation of the Israelis. They're never shown actively attacking the Israeli state, there's internal violence toward the snakes in their midst, and in the pressure-cooker environment of the occupied territories.

There's also a surreal but effective explanation of what Yasser Arafat means to the Palestinians. A balloon with his image floats over a checkpoint, briefly distracting the guards. It then floats serenely over all of the old city of Jerusalem.

The West is dealt with in the opening scene, four youths chase a fat, ridiculous, scared Father Christmas up a hill in Nazareth. He tries to distract them by throwing presents at them, which they ignore.
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