Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

Last night I decided to try something a bit different before going to the Theatre, so had dinner in the wine-bar "B" in Market Passage, where the old Arts Cinema used to be.

Not overly impressed. I suppose it's OK for the price, but the place gives the overall impression of trying to do classy wine-bar on the cheap. The decor managed to show a lack of any attention to detail, while going for a generic wine-bar style. There was smoking throughout, and dancey pop music played fairly loud, but not offensively so.

Dinner was some heavily spiced but rather dry lamb with a blob of tzakiki, on rather greasy cous-cous mixed with baby spinach, torn lettuce and tomato. It gave the overall impression of being a reasonably good kebab, rather than a decent restaurant meal. Wine was an average Cotes du Rhone. £12.15 for dinner and a 250ml glass of wine wasn't awful value, but there's better available.

Overall, worth trying to reassure myself that it's not the sort of place I like. At that price range, I'd prefer a traditional pub; it seems that "B"'s attempt to do sophistication on the cheap just doesn't work.

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