Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

Saw Spirited Away with fivemack, good film very reminiscent of Gaiman's style of children's fiction. A well put together set of myths, archetypes and imagination. Very pretty animation too. Then to the Castle for Thai. Then I unfortunately missed meeting dreamingchristi in town.

Spent the afternoon at home, played some disastrous Go on KGS. One game I was winning, the opponent quit, not resigned, they just left the server. Next game I got the handicap the wrong way round, so played as white against a 4 stone handicap and lost horribly as expected. Then there was an even game against somebody ranked 30k? - I was utterly demolished and resigned after just over 100 moves. The KGS ranking system seems a little dodgy at times, honest I'm not that bad...

Now I should find some effort to mow the lawn then get into town for some of Pop in the Park, then Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon on Parker's Piece.

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