Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

Weekend; films, friends, anime, beer, computer games, art and sun.

Overall, a wonderfully relaxing, enjoyable long weekend. It really feels like I've had a short holiday.

Spirited Away
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Cowboy Bebop
MST3K'd Manos, Hands of Fate
MST3K'd Space Mutiny
Charlies Angels 2

On Friday, I saw Spirited Away with fivemack, ran into sphyg and saddad (who I hadn't seen for many years) on Parker's Piece for CTHG. On Saturday I got up, lounged around a bit and went to London. I briefly met angua at the train station, but failed to catch the same train.

Most of the weekend was spent enjoying the hospitality of weds and damerell. After a brief panic running up and down The Mall I found the ICA, and arrived shortly before damerell. Then there was beer and food. Back to Bracknell, my hosts fed me more beer, some anime and one of the very bad films, greatly improved by MST3K.

Sunday was more of the same inimitable and highly enjoyable mix of computer games, anime and films. In the evening we went out for food then saw Charlies Angels 2 (which after 3 pints and viewed as a comedy was OK, my critical faculties were successfully beaten into submission). I then took damerell & weds up on their offer of another night's accommodation.

Today I left Bracknell in mid-morning, got to London, broke my journey at Waterloo to walk down the South Bank in the sun, have a nice lunch and wander around the Tate Modern for a while. I was very impressed by a video installation by Bill Viola called Five Angels for the Millennium. I also noted as being good; various works by Anselm Kiefer, some Man Ray sculptures, a pillowcase by Jorge Macchi and the fairly well known Cold Dark Matter by Cornelia Parker. Looked for some posters for my living room, but didn't find anything I really liked from the cheaper ones (there was a nice £99 Jackson Pollock silk screen print).

To complete the anime theme of the weekend, I'm off to the Animatrix later with various people.
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