Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

Another week, another property...

This one is a flat in the north-west of Cambridge, fairly close to where I'm living at the moment.

I saw it on Tuesday. After a bit of thought I put in an offer on Wednesday. They're taking their time about deciding on my offer, and I haven't heard either way yet. There's some complication with one of the owners being out of the country. The estate agents are sounding optimistic though.

It's all a very expensive process. It's going to cost over £2200 just to buy the place, and I'll need at least a 5% deposit. After that I'll need more furniture, white goods, stuff. This flat needs a fair amount of work too, it is currently decorated to the tastes of an elderly woman, the windows aren't double-glazed (and some frames look like they are rotting), the bathroom is a hideous plasticy pink, there are hideous built-in units in the bedroom. The kitchen is a bit tacky too, but that can wait.

Why am I buying it? I can afford it, it's in a good location, big living room (22.8 m2), big master bedroom (17.5 m2), usable second bedroom (i.e. it has a computer room ;-). Also it's not too bad for a flat, fair amount of storage space, small but pleasant private garden, not a shared entrance. With the decoration and improvements, it could be a really nice flat.

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