Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

I'm in sunny, but not excessively hot, California. Seems like I've missed a heatwave at home, and come here during a slightly cooler than usual spell at a pleasant 21°C.

Oddly familar stuff being at the same office and same hotel as I was in 2001. Finding my Oracle skills a tad rusty after not really applying them for several months.

There's a block of Asian (mostly Chinese AFAICT) shops & restaurants near the hotel, with a superb supermarket full of bizzare goods, including a tank of live crabs & lobsters. In the same block there's a comic shop that I might have to trawl to see if they've any interesting manga.

The hotel is a Marriott Courtyard, with minimal facilities, like no bar. However, beer is available from the Duke of Edinburgh a short walk from the hotel. It's an English-style pub with an inverted Union Jack on its sign, serving imported English beers chilled to death and showing football on a large TV. It could be worse.

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