Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

Comparing the SpecInt results from a system using an Intel compiler and one using a HP compiler shows how much of Spec is a compiler benchmark rather than a CPU benchmark. Surprisingly, despite the reputation of Intel's compiler team, it seems HP make a better Itanium compiler than Intel.

Looked at another way, it says you can save yourself the cost of at least one CPU grade by using the better compiler. It's two grades by simple frequency scaling, but the differences between 4MB and 6MB L3 cache look like they're worth about 10% on SpecInt on their own, compare with above Intel result.

Itanium in general is giving some very interesting cross-platform comparisons, since it's supported by several competing hardware and software vendors.

HP Intel scaling
164.gzip 976 904 1.079646
175.vpr 1108 937 1.182497
176.gcc 1503 1371 1.09628
181.mcf 2239 1215 1.842798
186.crafty 1229 1159 1.060397
197.parser 980 893 1.097424
252.eon 1546 1401 1.103498
254.perlb 1193 1039 1.148219 1066 734 1.452316
255.vortex 1932 1775 1.088451
256.bzip2 1218 1076 1.13197
300.twolf 1280 1140 1.122807

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