Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

TPC-C watch

A 2GHz single CPU AMD Opteron has come in with a record TPC-C result, beating a number of 3.06GHz Xeon systems, for fastest ever single CPU result, and best ever price/performance.

The fastest TPC-C quad CPU result is now an HP Itanium 2 system. HP submitted benchmarks for the same system on Oracle/HP-UX, SQL*Server/Windows and Oracle/Linux. The Oracle/Linux system was both the cheapest and the fastest configuration, giving a substantial price/performance advantage. To be fair, a small amount of that price difference between the Linux and Microsoft systems ($23,520 which was 4.8% of the core server cost) was due to the Linux benchmark pricing the disks slightly more cheaply due to submitting later, but the rest of the core hardware was priced the same and the saving on the Linux/Oracle software combination more than made up for that. It seems HP are currently being very OS agnostic in the mid-range servers, and are not afraid of embarrassing either their own software or Microsoft's.

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