Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs

I'm considering buying My First SLR camera. I quite like the look of the Canon EOS 300v body. It seems from online reviews to be modern, fairly friendly, gadgetful, not too badly priced and reasonably good quality.

As a first cut, would I be better off getting a 28-105 zoom lense or a 50/1.8 fixed focus lense? They seem to be similar price, AFAICT from my slightly naïve understanding, one offers more flexibility, the other better quality. The camera+lense packages sold all seem to come with zoom lenses, but online advice seems to favour the 50/1.8 idea. I've no real idea of which I'd want to start with.

Basically, I want to improve on what I can do with my digital compact, the best of which are here.

Any suggestions?
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