Andrew Mobbs (mobbsy) wrote,
Andrew Mobbs


Having run out of the Sensor Excel razor blades, the brand I've been using for the past N years, at the weekend I experimentally bought one of the latest-greatest-superest Gillette Mach-3 Turbo razors. Today I compared it with a fixed-head single-blade Bic disposable. (Tesco prices: Mach-3 Turbo replacement blades - £1.22 each, Bic disposable - £0.07 each).

The shave was just about similarly close, but using the Bic took a little longer. There was some razor burn from the Bic, none at all from the Gillette. I really don't think the Gillette is 17 times better than the Bic, and at that price per blade I probably wouldn't replace the Gillettes until they were viciously blunt (I'm fairly bad about that anyway "ooh, blood, again, maybe I should change the blade").

I might try using some other cheap razors to find the best compromise. Any recommendations?

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